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  • 25,262,740 values
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Download data

You can download the dataset at the Download page.

Source code

All to be found at GitHub. Under issues, you will find pending bugs and todos.

About the data logo

The data values on this site origin from a recent DBpedia dataset, which in turn is for the greatest part based on extraced values from Wikipedia article infoboxes. It is available on

Additionally, the categories were partly restructurized and organized for better discovery. It is right now limited to English values only.

Another alternative dataset could be Wikidata, e.g. see a rough list of cats. Both datasets are significantly different, and Wikidata is arguably a bit of higher quality, extent and growth. That is why the next big step for Produpedia might be to become a dedicated interface for Wikidata, as it also allows for editing. Collaboration on values was one of the primary movtivations for Produpedia but that idea was somewhat suspended because Wikidata comes pretty close.

About the site

When in a list view (table), the URL updates whenever you change filters, sorters, columns or rows. This means you can create a search configuration and easily share the link with others. Columns are draggable and resizable in width. On desktop computers, you can also scroll horizontally by dragging around just like on mobile.

Please expect errors and large gaps in the data – it is far from perfect, yet still very useful depending on your use case. The completeness varies from category to category. Also, the tables contain only values from the cleaned "mappings" dataset, not from "generic". For example, Gummy bear does not list the attributes "carbs", "fat", "kj", "protein" and "sugars" from That is because these "dbr:"-categories are not organized and typically of low quality.

For developers

There is a public API that you can use. Its syntax is not yet super stable, but feel free to query it directly in fair usage (this project is merely hosted on a weak single-core server). For large/frequent computations, please get the database mirror above and work with it locally.
The API's syntax is equal to the frontend one. This means that from any visible url beneath /list, you can simply replace the host with and should be good to go. Other interesting endpoints are GET /category and GET /attribute?category=[categoryName], respectively. Check your browser's network tab for XHR requests if interested.